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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Mourner, Etc.

Well, here's the latest...
First of all I need to post here more frequently. There are a few who check out this blog and I need to increase the content input.
I applied to another Reality TV show... one called "Who wants to be a super hero?" It's for MTV, Nash Entertainment, and Legendary Comic Icon Stan Lee. I sent it [about 40 pages of paperwork... no video required] in Saturday. Who knows if I will hear back?
But what I am most excited about is the Character I created for the show. They want a new/original superhero so I came up with The Mourner, a guy who's bitter at the apparent death of his fiancĂ©, drowns his sorrows with booze, then gets a visit from a "stranger" (Michael the Archangel) who gives him some "tools" to fight crime and possibly even find the guys who got his girl.
Even if I don't get a call back for the show, I've already written a whole first act and an extensive outline for a new feature length screenplay... all in about a week! The show really inspired me. I have a friend who draws for The Simpsons. He did a couple sketches for me. My dude's a Badass (pardon my French).
Other stuff going on... I interviewed S W, the Casting Director for The Benefactor. I'm going to write an article about the Reality TV Casting Process and try to get some publicity for my website [] after I make a few changes.
Which reminds me... the other Reality TV show I got called back on is/was called The Hilton Project... Paris Hilton's mom is getting into the act. I didn't get on that show either, but I'm inspired to keep trying.
Enough for now. Time to sleep.  [Originally written at 2:00am]


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