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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'd DEFINITELY Still Be There!

Now that Episode 3 has aired I will reiterate what I already said I would do had I been on the show. [I previously posted it under the title "24 hours... $1k... and 15 minutes." Mark had previously disclosed that the time frame was 24 hours.]

I would have contacted some of the local theaters and costume/wardrobe suppliers in Dallas to recruit eight or nine guys/actors to act out two scenes from an epic action feature length screenplay that I've written. I think the actors would do it for free (like the band that played behind Dom) but I'd try to rent 10 ancient warrior costumes (a la Gladiator) for $500-$800 total.

With the remaining money I'd hire a stage combat coach for the action scene and an acting coach for the dramatic scene.

I would have fulfilled Marks requirements. I would have "been the star" like Dominic and demonstrated the intellectual acumen of Spence and the creativity/talent of Kevin and the resourcefulness of Femia.

I'd definitely still be there... at least ahead of Linda and Tiffaney.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Who Wants to Work?

Today the Casting Director of the Reality TV show I'm working on asked me if I knew anyone who could do research for us full time for two or three weeks. We need a couple computer/internet savvy people immediately! And you'll get an inside look at the making of a Network Reality TV show.

Also, in general, we are looking for resumes of people with any level of experience in the following positions:

Casting Field Recruiter
Casting Associate
Casting Assistant
Casting Researcher

Email resumes to

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Interview With BellaOnline

I was interviewed recently by Deanna Goodson, the Reality TV Editor for BellaOnline, an online women's magazine. I'm not sure how she found me and my website(s) but it was fun to do the interview. She seems like a great lady and Reality TV buff. Her synopses of the various RTV episodes succinctly capture the significant events of each show with her own sincere fan-flair.

Also, I thought it was exciting to be included among interviews with some of the comics from Last Comic Standing! Click on the name/header of this post to check out the first half of the interview.

I think I'd still be there...

Episode 2 of The Benefactor left me thrilled with what I perceive as a show that's becoming more entertaining as it progresses. Of course, now I have ulterior motives for the show's success. If it turns into a ratings hit my boss and friends in the Casting Company will likely get to handle casting for the second installment AND get more money. Whether I'm included in that depends on what direction my goals take me.

Episode 2 also left me wondering if I'd still be on the show were I picked. Would I have been liked enough by one of the three captains to end up on a team or would I have been #13? I think I would have been on a team but which one? Rock Star was intentionally choosing the ladies. Linda, I just don't know what she would think of me. Since Shawn doesn't like women, I'd certainly be on her team... and we know what happened there... UGH!

BUT would my addition to the team have changed the outcome? Maybe but I'll assume it wouldn't for the sake of space. Would the second graders have liked me more than Latane and or Shawn? Latane was hard to top so I think it would have been a runoff between me and Shawn and I can't even speculate which of us would have remained. I like to think It would have been me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'd Still Be There

Episode One of The Benefactor aired last night. Some people loved it. Some hated it. That's Reality! I enjoyed it thoroughly but I suppose it's impossible for me to be objective.

When I walked into the office this morning a couple of the casting assistants asked me how I think I would have done on the show based on last nights episode. I said I think I would have won or at least been one of the last few standing. I added that I would definitely have made it past the first episode (first 3 cuts). They concurred, which led me to speculate that they may be regretting that they didn't cast me.

Another point about Reality... sometimes decisions are completely arbitrary.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Benefactor is Coming!

Five days and counting! The Benefactor premieres this coming Monday night just before Monday Night Football (on ABC). If you miss it, fear not! It will air again on Thursday (against The Apprentice).

I need to be more careful around the office here. Since I now work with people who work on that show in addition to this show (Supernanny) I need to stiffle my curiosity. I wanted to be on The Benefactor but not being on the show has not diminished my desire to see it. Well, I glanced at a few seconds of footage that someone was reviewing and... duh! ... I think I've ruined some of the surprise for myself.

That's okay. I still can't wait to watch. I don't know who wins. And I will make sure to avoid anything/anyone that will further ruin the surprise.