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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Benefactor is Coming!

Five days and counting! The Benefactor premieres this coming Monday night just before Monday Night Football (on ABC). If you miss it, fear not! It will air again on Thursday (against The Apprentice).

I need to be more careful around the office here. Since I now work with people who work on that show in addition to this show (Supernanny) I need to stiffle my curiosity. I wanted to be on The Benefactor but not being on the show has not diminished my desire to see it. Well, I glanced at a few seconds of footage that someone was reviewing and... duh! ... I think I've ruined some of the surprise for myself.

That's okay. I still can't wait to watch. I don't know who wins. And I will make sure to avoid anything/anyone that will further ruin the surprise.


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