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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I think I'd still be there...

Episode 2 of The Benefactor left me thrilled with what I perceive as a show that's becoming more entertaining as it progresses. Of course, now I have ulterior motives for the show's success. If it turns into a ratings hit my boss and friends in the Casting Company will likely get to handle casting for the second installment AND get more money. Whether I'm included in that depends on what direction my goals take me.

Episode 2 also left me wondering if I'd still be on the show were I picked. Would I have been liked enough by one of the three captains to end up on a team or would I have been #13? I think I would have been on a team but which one? Rock Star was intentionally choosing the ladies. Linda, I just don't know what she would think of me. Since Shawn doesn't like women, I'd certainly be on her team... and we know what happened there... UGH!

BUT would my addition to the team have changed the outcome? Maybe but I'll assume it wouldn't for the sake of space. Would the second graders have liked me more than Latane and or Shawn? Latane was hard to top so I think it would have been a runoff between me and Shawn and I can't even speculate which of us would have remained. I like to think It would have been me.


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