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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'd DEFINITELY Still Be There!

Now that Episode 3 has aired I will reiterate what I already said I would do had I been on the show. [I previously posted it under the title "24 hours... $1k... and 15 minutes." Mark had previously disclosed that the time frame was 24 hours.]

I would have contacted some of the local theaters and costume/wardrobe suppliers in Dallas to recruit eight or nine guys/actors to act out two scenes from an epic action feature length screenplay that I've written. I think the actors would do it for free (like the band that played behind Dom) but I'd try to rent 10 ancient warrior costumes (a la Gladiator) for $500-$800 total.

With the remaining money I'd hire a stage combat coach for the action scene and an acting coach for the dramatic scene.

I would have fulfilled Marks requirements. I would have "been the star" like Dominic and demonstrated the intellectual acumen of Spence and the creativity/talent of Kevin and the resourcefulness of Femia.

I'd definitely still be there... at least ahead of Linda and Tiffaney.


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